1 : What is this plugin ?

CCMAXROWS (Custom Category Mar Rows Per Page) is a seditio plugin which allows you to set custom maximum lines in lists for each seditio category.

Features :

- Easy use.

- No db changes, no extra queries.
2 : How to install ?

The instructions are pretty same like any other seditio plugin.

- Uninstall older version.

- Delete all old files just in case i have made a major change.

- Upload again the folder ccmaxrows to the plugins/ path.

- Reinstall the plugin.
3 : How to use ?

To set the custom maximum lines in lists for each category access the configuration of the plug and set the categories limits like this




Make sure you separate each entry with a line break. You can specify all or even one category to have a special list limit. If the plug can't find a entry for one category it will just use the default seditio config.

Download CCMaxrows v1.0 -Fixed Guest Auth Parameter