The main purpose of this plug when it first released was to replace the boring seditio pagination and add proper pagination in some areas. The second purpose of this plugin is to replace all the core hacks that all people are used to do. More over through the admin cp of the plugin you can run the most common maintenance queries. The plug won't add any more queries in your pages doesn't require any core hack to work.

- A smart and easy to edit pagination function.
- The new pagination applied to these sections: forum topics, forum posts, users, pm, list.
- Forums sections status icon.
- Forums posts buttons for quote, delete, edit, reply, website,gender and send pm.
- User Details: gender image and online status in both image and text format.
- Users: online status, website in userlist,.
- Admin tool to run the most common maintenance queries.

Version 1.06

- Fixed bug with the gender image (thanks to Motor2hq and Wappp)
- Added gender image tag in user list {SEDPLUS_USERS_ROW_GENDER}

Version 1.05

- Fixed conflict with the pluginĀ Alphabetical filters

Version 1.04

- Fixed bug in pm pagination (Pagination was disappearing when viewing last page.)

Version 1.03
- Pagination improvements again.
- Cleaned up the code.
- Fix a multi-language bug.
- Fixed pagination for forum posts *
- Added a few new tags.
- Misc images are now included in the package.

*Seditio doesn't preserve the order and the way when moving from one page to another. This is actually an official bug that sed plus inherited.

Download Seditio Plus v1.06