T3 DB Tools is a seditio database management plugin.

-- Backup all or selected tables of your seditio DB.
-- Table information and schema.
-- Browse tables (experimental)
-- Drop, truncate tables.
-- Option to export data, structure or both.
-- Support for gzip, bzip2 compression of the backups.
-- Restore database backup.
-- Run custom sed queries.
-- Extra security rights.
-- Check, analyze, repair and optimize tables.
-- Auto create the backup folder and the directory blocker protection.
-- 100% ability to translate.
-- Easy navigation and event reports.

How to install?
The installation is pretty easy and very common as every other simple seditio plugin.

-- Upload folder dbtools to your plugins/ folder. (*)
-- Install / Reinstall the plugin through the admin cp plugins management.
-- Edit the plugin configuration to serve your needs.
-- Open the plugin from the seditio tools section, T3 DB Tools.

* If you are updating Delete all old files since v1.0 there are some major files changes.

Version 1.6
- Fixed bug of adding page output to the backup file.
- Fixed bug without sql sql_delimiter.

We Strongly recommend to use Admin Login with T3 Db Tools.

What's New 1.5
Version 1.5
- Adopted phpMyadmin sql import procedure.
- Backup functions improved a lot. (faster and smaller results)
- Added bz2 compression.
- Added table information and schema.
- Added table browse.
- Added drop, truncate tables fuctions.
- Added online editing of config.php.
- Fixes and improvements everywhere.

The adoption of the import procedure from phpMyadmin fixed a lot of bugs but the performance took a serious hit. but it's still fast enough.

Download T3-DB Tools v1.6