T3-Faq plugin v2.5 is a powerful faq-knowledgebase script with easy configuration and smart structure to support unlimited levels of categories and subcategories.

Read the help.html inside the docs folder for more information


Version 2.5 Speed Fighter
- Pre-Parsed BBcodes in anwsers. In some cases over 400-600% performance improvement.
- Added Question counters for categories, -1 query in categories list.
- Added Comments counter for questions, -1x query in questions list.
- Added Ratings Average for questions, -2x/3x queries in questions list.
- Added 4 new maintenance modes to support the new version.
- Added 2 new modules for the main page, most commented and most rated.
- Adopted jquery for the main ajax call, hopefully now it will work for everyone.
- Updated various code blocks. Nice and Clean.
- Updated Template files is now as simple as possible.
- Replaced sort options with a form, more easy to use.
- Fixed various small bugs everywhere.


Features :
1 : Unlimited levels of categories and subcategories.
2 : Easy and smart edit of categories and Q:A
3 : Protection from deleting by accident a category that contains Q:A
4 : Smart category navigator.
5 : All phrases are in the language file.
6 : Easy skinning.
7 : BBcode and Html parsing.
8 : Let your members ask questions.
9 : Comments and rattings for every Q:A
10 : Powerfull configuration
11 : Header Notices

Download T3 Faq v2.5