I have mixed feelings about 2012, it wasn't all bad but it certainly wasn't all fun fun fun. Here are some highlights. Very early i was super happy because after a period of three years of laziness  i was finally through university and i was preparing myself to serve mandatory military the coming spring as every other young male in Greece. Unfortunately the following months until May i had a serious health issue which sent me to hospital a couple of times and my precious 4 months of vacations turned into a very stressful period for me.

Anyway May came and my military service started. I have to admit it was better than i thought, living 9 months with no serious worries except what's for dinner and what's my next work duty isn't bad especially if you consider the alternative, which was looking for a job in the worst possible period in Greece going through the worst part of the economical crisis. Unfortunately that came to an end pretty fast as well as i broke my leg. I guess that was my bad since i am not exactly fit. After 2.5 months i was early discharged from military which some people found fortunate, but then again i couldn't walk at all from early    June to late August, so yeah crutches in summer time in Greece, lucky me. Actually i went to the beach many times for rehabilitation, it's not fun trying to walk with crutches on hot sand barefoot. I guess it was if you were watching me! I almost forgot my favorite moment with crutches, my university graduation ceremony which i would have missed if i hadn't broken my leg. Now try to imagine, a nice summer hot morning me with my crutches trying to climb the stairs to get to the stage to receive my degree. I am laughing my ass off right now but trust me i never felt more uncomfortable in my life.

It was about August 15th when i decided to get up from bed and do some actual work. The result, is what you see komposta.net and komposta cmf. On September i started looking for a job as a web developer. I am still looking if you are wondering. I got a little depressed while doing that, because there are not many job offers for all the demand out there and some of them are complete scam. I remember going for an interview for a PHP Developer and they started asking me if i know Ruby. After a while i politely asked them, if you want someone who knows how to code in Ruby why do you ask for a senior PHP Programmer in the job description. The answer was complete BS and the real reason was that they wanted a programmer who could be trained and of course he could be paid much less than a senior programmer. Even though after the interview i politely denied the offer they kept calling me for days to accept the job. :)

Fortunately i took some freelance works and that's what i have been doing for the last 3 months. It's not much but i am not completely broke and i managed to make it until now. I am sure 2013 will be a much better period for job hunting in Greece, so yeah i am little happy i managed to avoid taking up a job i don't really like but then again i am still living with my parents. Even when i was free i tried to stay busy as much as possible with personal projects like komposta and Sum+my.

2012 was tough for many people around the world, i truly believe next year will be much better. Here is my resolutions for 2013

  1. Advance as a php freelance programmer
  2. Get a job i actually like
  3. Do both 1 & 2
  4. Make komposta.net popular
  5. Publish komposta cmf on github
  6. Travel as much as possible
  7. Combine 8 with an F1 race
  8. Run without fear about my broken leg
  9. Do 6 & 7 again
  10. Improve my writting skills in english (thx a lot for reminding me T4Co!)

 I wish you all a very Happy New Year 2013!!