I have mixed feelings about 2012, it wasn't all bad but it certainly wasn't all fun fun fun. Here are some highlights. Very early i was super happy because after a period of three years of laziness  i was finally through university and i was preparing myself to serve mandatory military the coming spring as every other young male in Greece. Unfortunately the following months until May i had a serious health issue which sent me to hospital a couple of times and my precious 4 months of vacations turned into a very stressful period for me.

Anyway May came and my military service started. I have to admit it was better than i thought, living 9 months with no serious worries except what's for dinner and what's my next work duty isn't bad especially if you consider the alternative, which was looking for a job in the worst possible period in Greece going through the worst part of the economical crisis. Unfortunately that came to an end pretty fast as well as i broke my leg. I guess that was my bad since i am not exactly fit. After 2.5 months i was early discharged from military which some people found fortunate, but then again i couldn't walk at all from early    June to late August, so yeah crutches in summer time in Greece, lucky me. Actually i went to the beach many times for rehabilitation, it's not fun trying to walk with crutches on hot sand barefoot. I guess it was if you were watching me! I almost forgot my favorite moment with crutches, my university graduation ceremony which i would have missed if i hadn't broken my leg. Now try to imagine, a nice summer hot morning me with my crutches trying to climb the stairs to get to the stage to receive my degree. I am laughing my ass off right now but trust me i never felt more uncomfortable in my life.

It was about August 15th when i decided to get up from bed and do some actual work. The result, is what you see komposta.net and komposta cmf. On September i started looking for a job as a web developer. I am still looking if you are wondering. I got a little depressed while doing that, because there are not many job offers for all the demand out there and some of them are complete scam. I remember going for an interview for a PHP Developer and they started asking me if i know Ruby. After a while i politely asked them, if you want someone who knows how to code in Ruby why do you ask for a senior PHP Programmer in the job description. The answer was complete BS and the real reason was that they wanted a programmer who could be trained and of course he could be paid much less than a senior programmer. Even though after the interview i politely denied the offer they kept calling me for days to accept the job. :)

Fortunately i took some freelance works and that's what i have been doing for the last 3 months. It's not much but i am not completely broke and i managed to make it until now. I am sure 2013 will be a much better period for job hunting in Greece, so yeah i am little happy i managed to avoid taking up a job i don't really like but then again i am still living with my parents. Even when i was free i tried to stay busy as much as possible with personal projects like komposta and Sum+my.

2012 was tough for many people around the world, i truly believe next year will be much better. Here is my resolutions for 2013

  1. Advance as a php freelance programmer
  2. Get a job i actually like
  3. Do both 1 & 2
  4. Make komposta.net popular
  5. Publish komposta cmf on github
  6. Travel as much as possible
  7. Combine 8 with an F1 race
  8. Run without fear about my broken leg
  9. Do 6 & 7 again
  10. Improve my writting skills in english (thx a lot for reminding me T4Co!)

 I wish you all a very Happy New Year 2013!!

Komposta cmf is using a a lot of third party libraries except lithium one of them is HTML Purifier. It is used to ensure security in pages and comments. Komposta has an extended configuration page to setup multiple profiles and you can absolutely play with all the settings from purifier for 100% control. In my last post i embedded a youtube video and it only took me 45 minutes to setup the pages profile lol.


komposta_purifier_1.png komposta_purifier_2.png komposta_purifier_3.png komposta_purifier_4.png komposta_purifier_5.png komposta_purifier_8.png


There are a lot of applications out there relying on html purifier but with limited configuration. I like configuration ;p

komposta_purifier_6_4.png komposta_purifier_6_8.png komposta_purifier_6.png komposta_purifier_7.png komposta_purifier_8_5.png 


Updated Screenshots 2012/11/16


I haven't posted anything for days, being busy with komposta CMF trying to reach a dev level that i am confident to share it with a few friends. One of these friends who is from UK asked me about the name of the project. Komposta is greekglish (Greek  text with English characters) for Κομπόστα which according to google translates to compote. Yeah i am not big on names but by coincidence komposta has a national anthem ;p


Terror X Crew was one the top Greek hip-hop groups before they split in 2002...

Hello my name is Chris i am 26 years old, i am a web developer with almost ten years of experience in php and mysql. This site is my personal blog/portfolio. In the past i developed plugins, templates for applications like LDU/Seditio (R.I.P), wordpress, joomla, phpbb, vbulletin and Xbits, you might have stumbled upon me on T3-Design.com where everything used to happen. The last couple of years i was in an on-line hiatus because i was determined to finally take my degree in computer science from the Technological Educational Institute of Athens. This site is my come back to active duty if you will. For this endeavour to succeed i needed to start over from scratch

In the beginning, back in 2005, T3-Design.com was powered by ldu , seditio later and finally wordpress. For years i loathed to have my own base application that i will be able to use for my projects and ideas. For komposta.net i decided to go all out and did that. I started my own CMS or what i prefer to call it CMF,  content management framework. It's called Komposta CMF and as i write this post it's only 96 commits old and hopefully i will make it public later this year.

In the past year i worked a lot with Zend Framework. These were probably the most productive months in my career, so using a php framework was only natural. After research and a lot of consideration i picked Lithium to be the brute force behind komposta for reasons i will explain later...

More info about the Komposta is coming soon for now just have a look

 routes.png resources.png options.png mainSettings.png cron.png adminNavigation.png

I will slowly add all the content from T3-Design for those who miss it, for now just step in and leave a comment please!