When Sedio cms came out it took a while util people decided to update from LDU (predecessor). I gave it my best to make as much as possible to support that effort. The skins below is what i offered to the community, or what i manage to find in my locker. Some works are missing prob lost forever but anyway here is what i managed to save.


sedtheblaster.png sedterminal.png sedgreenday.png sedexodus2.png sedexodus.png sedblaster2007.png sedbelagio.png sedaqua.png sed3dfusion.png

If something seems interesting to you here are the download links.

Unfortunately Seditio died last year and although i left the community disgusted a couple of years before that i still believe it was a great cms that never managed take off because of stupid reasons. I learnt PHP\HTML\CSS working on LDU\Seditio and for that i will be forever grateful.