Apparently become famous today, who needs google analytics and webmaster tools when you wake up in the morning and u see that ~300 comments have been posted overnight (lol). Since September 2012 ~900 comments have been submitted. Only 14 of them are not spam, 4 of them are mine ;) and 300 were posted yesterday. A month ago i added a honeypot solution to the komposta comments system and it's working great but it's obvious some time limit catch has to be added to prevent this aggressive spam behavior. Some other fan factor they only target posts with popular keywords like twitter and zend.


Bots found me pretty fast because i set a redirection from my old site to for about 2 months until domain expired. I kinda regret it now...

-----Edit: 12 hours later
It's still on, i wonder what will happen if i turn comments off for these 3-4 targeted posts... Next update tomorrow


-----Edit12 hours later
Turning commenting off for the targeted posts did the trick, i am gonna turn it back on to see if they gave up...

Hello my name is Chris i am 26 years old, i am a web developer with almost ten years of experience in php and mysql. This site is my personal blog/portfolio. In the past i developed plugins, templates for applications like LDU/Seditio (R.I.P), wordpress, joomla, phpbb, vbulletin and Xbits, you might have stumbled upon me on where everything used to happen. The last couple of years i was in an on-line hiatus because i was determined to finally take my degree in computer science from the Technological Educational Institute of Athens. This site is my come back to active duty if you will. For this endeavour to succeed i needed to start over from scratch

In the beginning, back in 2005, was powered by ldu , seditio later and finally wordpress. For years i loathed to have my own base application that i will be able to use for my projects and ideas. For i decided to go all out and did that. I started my own CMS or what i prefer to call it CMF,  content management framework. It's called Komposta CMF and as i write this post it's only 96 commits old and hopefully i will make it public later this year.

In the past year i worked a lot with Zend Framework. These were probably the most productive months in my career, so using a php framework was only natural. After research and a lot of consideration i picked Lithium to be the brute force behind komposta for reasons i will explain later...

More info about the Komposta is coming soon for now just have a look

 routes.png resources.png options.png mainSettings.png cron.png adminNavigation.png

I will slowly add all the content from T3-Design for those who miss it, for now just step in and leave a comment please!