I 've been to alot of interviews lately and i always promote myself as a php programmer. The truth is i don't like people who fill their resume with a huge list of programming languages just because they happened to use them briefly at some point in their life either as a hobby or as part of their studies. Apparently and as pointed by friends, i am stupid i don't show all aspects of my skills. So here is the very first application i have build which isn't written in php.

Cakebox is an archives manager for optical media. I am a hoarder when it comes to tv series, animes and movies, i don't like to delete stuff and since hdds used (???) to be super expensive i wrote a simple application to easily find cd's/dvd's in mountains of cakeboxes. The application started its life as a Java desktop application named `CakeBox Collector` after the movie `Bone Collector`. Basically it's a database application with categories and entries with title and files list, with search and all the basic crud forms. It used the excellent H2 database and was build upon the swing framework. 

Last year and after 4 years i first started Cakebox i decided to port the application to C# for various reasons. Netbeans dropped support for the swign framework, i was really bored and because i thought the whole task would later help me with mobile applications. So after a slight name change and only about a week later Cavebox was born. I used the very cool alternative to Visual Studio, SharpDevelop and for database i used SQLite and the ADO.Net adapter. I tried to change as little as possible in the UI because i thought it would be cool to see them side by side and i really liked the original compact design. Below there are two animated gifs showing both applications can you spot the differences ;)

cavebox.gif cakebox.gif

I don't want to get into the fight which is better but still I was impressed with the low memory footprint and startup times. Of course there were a few things C# doesn't have and i missed them during the port procedure but there were also a lot of things that made C# much easier to live with. Overall i think both languages have their merits and despite the recent hatred toward Java and Oracle nobody can dispute the fact that pretty much everyone has used or is using with or without their knowledge a device/application working with Java.

Cakebox and Cavebox will find their way into github pretty soon...